Aggregate data from all sources using OLAP cubes

Create analytics 2.0

Product and Solutions

BI Tools offers the market high-tech tools that make analytics truly simple, convenient and fast.

  • We allow companies to make the most of their data by combining online and offline data with OLAP cubes and provide end users with data in the form of reports in excel and dashboards in PowerBI.

  • The development and implementation of analytics solutions is carried out on the Microsoft platform (SQL Server + DWH + OLAP Cubes + Excel + Power BI).


It's fast

OLAP cubes allow you to quickly generate a visual report without loading the existing infrastructure. The necessary data is downloaded and processed at a time convenient for the source system (when it experiences the least load). An efficiently configured OLAP cube allows you to bypass performance limitations when working with highly loaded systems.


It's comfortable

Analytical reports are collected in one place and presented in a simple and clear form (Excel and Power BI). All user levels, from employees to founders, receive flexible access to the management reporting they need and a single look at the metrics without the help of IT specialists.


It is effective

It's no secret that in the modern world information is more expensive than gold. Competent data analysis allows you to quickly make effective decisions to manage the company's business processes.

It is reliable

When developing solutions, we use experience with the largest online retailers in Russia, as well as the best experts in the field of data analysis. We have the technical know-how necessary to develop fault-tolerant and highly loaded systems. In addition, when developing solutions, we manage the customer’s budget as efficiently as possible, choosing the optimal configuration of equipment and licensed software.


It is safe

We value the trust of our customers and guarantee the complete confidentiality of information received from customers (all data is protected by the Non-disclosure Agreement). Based on the results of our work, we provide support to customers, build transparent interaction in accordance with the principles of agile development (Agile).

About us

BI Tools (Bi IT Tools LLC) is a Russian IT company based in St. Petersburg. The company name BI Tools (Business Intelligence = Business Intelligence, Tools = Tools) symbolizes the high-tech product that we offer to the market. By combining online and offline data in Excel reports using OLAP cubes, we make analytics as simple and convenient as possible. BI Tools reports allow you to quickly make effective decisions to manage your business processes. Currently, BI Tools clients include the largest Russian e-commerce companies, as well as representatives of other industries. We value the trust of our customers and guarantee the complete confidentiality of the information received.


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